Our “Done For You” Services are designed to give you a fixed price for a clearly defined piece of work. This enables you to pitch and put forward a proposal to your clients with confidence.

Client Profile Questionnaire


Out client profile quiz is available to you free of charge. It is interesting for the client to complete, or you can complete it with/for them. The purpose is to make the client think about what it is they do and how they do it, in order to gain a deeper insight into how they operate. Most businesses find it interesting and useful. It is a fundamental part of preparing the “Visibility Matrix” for the client as it tells us what combination of digital marketing elements to use.

Client Proposal Report


When you are putting a proposal forward to a client for SEO, PPC and other marketing services, it’s good to back it up with a few KPIs, (Key Performance Indicators), about their business and the competitive marketplace that they operate in. Our Proposal Report identifies opportunities for improving a business’ online visibility and performance – it is a deal winner since it highlights how well, or otherwise, a business is perfoming online in comparison to its competitors, and why. No business owner likes to think that they are being out-performed and they almost always agree to do whatever is necessary in order to be more prominent than their competitors..

Include this report with your quotation and watch your conversions soar, or just use it to assist you in preparing a quote – get a free sample report for a live customer – name removed of course!

Client Visibility Assessment (CVA) & Report


This report looks at the client’s current level of visibility online and identifies any problems that need to be resolved in order to make it stand out among it’s competition. It is a vital step towards achieving a high level of online visibility and attracting more website visitors which ultimately lead to sales. The report Includes:

  • Check site is indexed for both desktop & mobile searches on main search engines & report any problems with indexing
  • Which keywords/phrases currently trigger a listing on Google’s SERPs, (Search Engine Results Pages)
  • Identify 5 most relevant online competitors and identify their keywords, ads and site visibility
  • Assess the availability of traffic for the site from natural search, paid ads and Social Media.
  • Assess the traffic levels and bounce rates of all 5 competitors and compare them to the client’s own metrics.
  • Check the client’s status for 3 principle metrics, Citation Flow, Trust Flow and Domain Authority and compare to the competitors rating for the same metrics.

All reports include our popular “Scorecard” which shows valuable information about your client compared to the 5 competitors identified above. The full “Competitive Landscape” report, see below, normally carried out once a campaign has been commissioned, extends the scope of this entry-level report to include more competitors and a host of other factors.

Once equipped with this CVA a digital marketing strategy can be confidently put together for the client, with specific details of the necessary campaigns.

Client Backlink Report


Any website that needs to be prominent in search results on Google, Bing & Yahoo needs to have a good quality, clean, backlink profile. It is often mistakenly thought that such links no longer matter but to believe that would be a serious mistake. Although it is possible to place a website at the top of the search results without backlinks, it is very unlikely to happen unless the search phrases in question are unusual and have very little, if any, competition.

We advise clients to have a full Backlink Profile carried out at the start of their campaign and then have it updated monthly thereafter. That way, any spurious or potentially toxic links are identified quickly and can be dealt with so as to avoid incurring penalties from Google and other search engines.

Local SEO Audit


Especially designed for businesses that trade mainly in their own local area. Failure to get everything setup properly here can result in virtual invisibility for a website. We check the Google “My Business” profile, including map listings and Google+ that are vitally important when trying to get a fair share of local search traffic, especially on mobiles. Other factors that we check in this report are Citations and Reviews, both of which are key indicators of a site’s strength in local searches.

Social Circles


The client’s social profile is checked and compared to that of its competitors. We look at how competitors are using social media content to build a following and gain valuable traffic and try to identify areas where the client could outperform those competitors. Report currently includes Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Full Competitive Landscape – The Visibility Matrix


A very detailed analysis of the market in which the client operates, identifying the major players and their tactics for gaining online traffic and enquiries. We examine the keyword profiles being used for  natual search, paid search and social media activities. Then we examine their ad campaigns, if any and the levels of traffic that are being attracted by each competitor, and how.

This then enables us to present a digital marketing strategy to the client which is designed to gain maximum visibility in their marketing “landscape.” We effectivley produce a blueprint of what needs to be done, in order of priority, in order to gain prominence in any online market. Doing all this research normally would take several days but “The Visibility Matrix” enables us to streamline the process and makes this kind of battleground strategy available to even the smallest business. It is a “weapon of mass conversion” and is recommended for all businesses, irrespective of size and type.

The Strategy – A Visibility Engineering Blueprint


Armed with the knowledge revealed by our research, we put together a full digital marketing strategy for the client. Then we do the necessary setup work and, after sign off by the client, set it running. Our service includes all of the following, as needed:

  • Setup up all paid search and other paid campaigns as appropriate to the campaign, including Google AdWords, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Bing/Yahoo also included if requested.
  • Setup, build and populate target audiences appropriate to the client’s needs
  • Setup remarketing campaigns for a range of popular destinations
  • Setup PLA, “product listing ads” – £100 surcharge, requires a Google Merchant Account.
  • Setup and/or optimise Social Media profiles
  • Setup and optimise all Content Marketing channels
  • Perform a full site audit and report on any structural problems with the site.

All of this is designed to provide step-by-step assistance with building and implementing a digital marketing strategy for the client. We offer a monthly retainer service, (from £499), for ongoing monitoring, analysis, maintenance and with done-for-you optimisation, if required. This includes a full set of white-label reports.

“The Marketing Machine” – Sales Funnel Implementation


Where it is identified that an automated sales funnel is required, usually involving email automation along with other processes, then we offer the most comprehensive service currently vailable to web designers and small agencies for whom providing this kind of service themselves is simply not feasible.

Using the technology developed by ourselves, and those of our partner Ryan Desiss in the USA via his “Digital Marketer” operation, we design and implement automated funnels that will transform the marketing power of any business with virtually any product or service. Please see our “Funnel Guide” for help and pricing for these mega-powerful marketing weapons.