Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Help you clients get the most from paid traffic opportunities.

More providers, multiplied by more options means many more opportunities to generate enquiries for your clients – but which platforms should you use, which is right for the particular needs of a particular client?

Text ads, Remarketing, Demographic Targeting, Video Ads, Display and Banner Ads, Engagement ads and “Picture Ads” AKA Google PLAs – all of these may or may not feature in the perfect ad mix for your client – but which ones?

Our Visibility Matrix and Visibility Engineering methodology enables us to pinpoint the perfect combination of paid search opportunities quickly and then test & fine tune them until conversions are being obtained at the optimum price. We can design and implement pay-per-click campaigns across all the major platforms.

To help you get quick results for your clients we also have libraries of ad copy and landing pages that are tried and tested in generating the right kind of traffic for your clients.